Jiunzan Tendaiji

September Events

7 The Bodhisattva Path (led by Monshin Naamon)

14 TBA (led by Mushin Press)

21 Backbone (led by Shoshin Jacon)

25 Mahasangha Sunday, 11:00 A.M.; Meditation and Segaki Service (led by Seishin Fitterer)

25 Refuge Retreat, 1:00 P.M. Required for all those who wish to take refuge at Jiunzan Tendaiji on October 5.

28 Buddhist Art in Asia (led by Shumon Naamon)

There will be no Survey of Buddhism Class this month due to the Labor Day Holiday.

The Sangha sends love and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Gail Ryan.

With the opening of our new hondo comes more responsibilities. Cleaning the new building must be an ongoing task. Shoshin cleans on Wednesday evening and prepares for the service. With the much bigger space, she is in need of an assistant who could come early – around 5:30 – 5:45. If four people are able to do this, they would only have to come early once a month.

We also need to form a custodial committee which will oversee a much more thorough cleaning of the hondo every several months, say once a quarter. On a similar schedule should be housecleaning so that the entire task is not on Shumon’s shoulders. If you can volunteer some time, please speak to Shoshin.

We need people to sign up for one month to be responsible for flowers in the hondo for September through December of this year. A sign-up sheet for each month is on the bulletin board in the kitchen.

For those who contributed to the Jizos for Peace Project, you might be interested to know that although the goal was for 270,000 Jizos, the Great Vow Zen Monastery received over 373,000, enough to bring to Japan and also to testing sites in Nevada and New Mexico. Jizos of all types were received including knitted, clay, clothespin, matchbox, origami, turned wood and rock Jizos. This was an international peace project which also involved chanting the Jizo mantra for peace while working on each Jizo. Thank you to all in our sanghas who participated.

Monshin and Shumon Naamon thank the Sanghas for the generous gift of a weekend away. They are looking forward to being able to enjoy a weekend of R & R after a busy