I grew up in an extended family of seekers. Thus I was exposed to Buddhist and other Eastern philosophies from an early age. In 1998 after time spent with a variety of meditation groups, I attended the first gathering of the Higashi Sangha on East Mountain in Great Barrington, Mass. Over the next several years, I attended ceremonies and retreats at the main Tendai Buddhist temple in Caanan, NY led by Monshin Naamon.

Before entering Tendai training I became a certified yoga instructor where I focus on mature bodies. My Tendai gyo experience would have been far more difficult for me in my 60’s had I not been a ballet dancer. That physical and mental history helped for the grueling experience. The most vivid take away was having my ego thrown back at me, forcing me to have a clearer sense of it. It was clear that the first level of  Doshu would be sufficient for my intentions to teach and to incorporate Buddhist thought into all of my relations including in my interior design practice.

I have taught programs on various forms of meditation and Buddhist practices and philosophy at Kripalu in Stockbridge, Ma. I have also been a guest speaker at Unitarian Universalist churches as well as at the Pittsfield Sangha. I remain an active part of the Caanan sangha as time and distance allow.