I have been studying world religions from an early age, but ever since I started Martial Arts, Buddhism took hold of me.
I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Journalism and Psychology from the University of the Sacred Heart. While studying I started practicing Zen with the local Zen Center. Eventually I started going to the Soka Gakkai. By then I was teaching Martial Arts with my Iaido teacher when we decided to leave the SGI and start a Buddhist organization.  In 2010 we founded of the Chinsei Hikari Bukkyo Kai, a Buddhist organization based on Japanese Buddhism whose mission is to spread the teachings of Buddha in Latinamerica for a Spanish speaking audience, since we noticed the lack of Spanish Buddhist material and information. Right away we started to translate and author several books on Buddhism, specially about the Lotus Sutra and its universal teachings, and to lead a small Sangha.
When I graduated  from my Master’s Degree (MA) in Comparative Theology from the Theological Seminary of Puerto Rico, and after studying with several teachers, I decided to look for a teacher and a lineage in a Japanese Buddhist school that embraced the wide diversity of teachings and practices found in many other schools of Buddhism. After finishing my Law Degree (JD) from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, I knew it was finally the time to contact the Tendai Betsuin and undergo formal training to become a Soryo. 
I recently graduated from a Doctorate Degree in Theology from the Theological Seminary and see Buddhism as the backbone of my worldview and how I relate to myself, to others and the world. I look forward to completing my training to become a Soryo and to continue co-leading the Tendai Sangha of Puerto Rico.