Why you chose Tendai:

The teacher I happened to connect with was a Tendai priest.

Why you wanted to become a priest:

Once I had practiced for awhile it no longer made sense to keep what I had experienced to myself, so I decided to become a priest so I could share what is so valuable to me.

How did you get started:

For a little while I practiced on my own but soon realized I needed some guidance and started looking for a teacher I felt I could relate to. Soon thereafter I went on my first retreat. 

What has the training been like:

For me it has been a great experience being in a setting where the entire focus is on practice, and everyone around you has the same dedicated approach to Buddhist practice. There’s enormous freedom in having a strict schedule. 

What is your role currently:

I lead the Colorado Sangha with my husband Doshin. 

What do you plan to do going forward:

Our Sangha is still very new and I hope it will grow over time and I will be able to share the teachings and make more connections with a growing number of people wanting to walk the middle path.