Jushoku’s Meanderings – 5-1-20 – May 2020

In the last Jushoku’s Journal I wrote about how things may be different as we resume a ‘new abnormal’. There are a number of interesting articles that I can cite that discusses such things as paying closer attention to the environment, changes to colleges and universities, and the airline industry. There is no doubt that there will be some major changes, and many of us conceived that we have an opportunity to ‘reboot’ many social, political, economic. environmental institutions and perspectives.

Jushoku’s Journal – 4-24-20 – April 2020

Being isolated has one advantage. That is, we have an increased opportunity for introspection, reflection, practices, and meditation. This may not seem as obvious if there are several people in isolation together. Additionally, now is the time we might best make use of such activities. A problem can be that in isolation our perspective on time changes and we tend to plan to do our practice later and then . . .

Jushoku’s Journal 4-14-20 – April 2020

I’ve lost track of how long we have participated in the New York State executive order to stay at home. It feels like a month. Many of us do not go out, except to occasionally grocery shop, one day runs into the other with little distinction. Once we started staying at home our expectations of simple things like going to a restaurant, visiting a friend, or attending a religious service ceased to be a demarcation in our lives. This latter feature is probably most relevant to me, since I retired from teaching, I spend most my time in my study at the temple.

Jushoku’s Journal 4-7-20 – April 2020

Right now, as I write this the sun is shining, the goldfinches are changing to bright yellow with their summer plumage, green buds are appearing on the lilac bush, red and white sprouts from the peonies, the peepers are in full symphony, a chipmunk showed up on a rock under the bird feeder, and I am waiting for the swallows to make an appearance for the season. It seems so incongruent because we are in ‘stay-at-home’ mode, I’m not traveling, except once a week to the grocery store, I don’t see people, except Tamami, that are not on my computer screen. Social life has been altered considerably for the next few months, yet the immediate environment is what one would expect this time of year.

Jushoku’s Journal 4-1-20 – April 2020

Twenty-five years ago this month (April 27, 1995) we held our first meditation service and discussion at what is now Tendai Buddhist Institute. It saddens me that we will not be able to be together to celebrate this important milestone. There are so many significant events that we had had to cancel or postpone as a result of the pandemic. We will appreciate getting together for an appropriate celebration later this year, and next year when the Jigyodan will be joining us for a belated observance. I will be discussing this in the last discussion this month.

Jushoku’s Journal 3-18-20 – March 2020

Staying Connected While in Isolation. It’s Wednesday. Typically, I would be thinking, researching, writing, and otherwise preparing for our Wednesday evening discussion and meditation service. There is no service this evening as a result of isolation due to COVID-19 . As notified last weekend we will not be meeting for the remainder of March. While we were thinking of having a modified service for the next month or so, we must rethink that in light of more recent information. We, other sangha members and I, are working on a virtual substitute for gathering together. This would use teleconferencing media. More about that later.

COVID-19 Changes to Schedules – March 2020

It has been a few weeks since we began reading and hearing about COVID-19 with every headline and every news report. All other news has been relegated to an afterthought as news, information, misinformation and speculation about the COVID-19 pandemic appropriately grabs our attention. When we are told not to panic our first reaction is to feel a sense of panic.