Every Wednesday

Weekly Meditation Services (WMS) are on Wednesday evenings. They begin at 6 PM with a discussion or talk (see below for this month's discussion topics). At about 7 PM there is a meditation service followed at 8 PM by a potluck dinner. All of Wednesday evening's events are open to the public. There is no fee and reservations are not required.

May  Wednesday Meditations and Discussions 

             Perfection of Patience – The third of the Six Perfections, Ksānti is central to all Buddhist teachings. We will examine this from historical and contemporary perspectives.
13               Ho-yu (Ch. Niu-tou, E. Oxhead)  School of Ch'an in China and Japan –This originally Northern school of Chinese Ch'an (zen) was brought back from China by Saicho around 804 C.E. It ceased to exist as a school in China with its last Patriarch who died in 792. We will explore this interesting school and it's teachings for us today. Let's try it again.   

20         Sangha Member Discussion–  Roger Whitmer – will discuss "Madhyamaka, the Swiss Army Knife of Western Metaphysics" or "Nagarjuna Visits the Physics Lab".

27          Kinhin(walking between periods of seated meditation).What is it, why is it, what's the proper form, what it's not. We will explore this important feature of Buddhist practice with the intention of including it more into our weekly meditation service..

Events in May:     


2            Sutra Class and Morning Service, 8:30 – 10:30 AM – The Maha Prajna Parmita Hridaya Sutra (The Heart Sutra). 

It is the most oft chanted, cited, and best known sutras in the Mahayana canon. We will read and discuss two different translations and commentaries (Mu Soeng's and Red Pine's) as a set throughout the classes.


 Events in June:


6            Sangha Clean-up and prep for Anniversary Ceremony – from 9 AM – 3:00 PM – There is grounds work as well as sundry tasks and jobs to prepare for the large celebration we will hold on June 13th. Join us for the day or for a morning or afternoon. A light lunch will be provided. We would like to give a special thank you to the people who joined us in April for Spring cleanup.
June 13    9 AM – 3:00 PM – 10/20th Anniversary Observance. This is the 20th anniversary of Tendai Buddhist Institute and the 10th anniversary of the consecration of our Hondo. A formal ceremony be will held by about 30 Japanese Tendai monks, a dozen or more locally trained monks, and other dignitaries. There will also be a formal Tokodo (ordination ceremony) for Koshin Karl Bower and Shingaku Jenny Henderson; after this they will be registered in Japan. A tasty lunch will be served. All are welcome, but, please RSVP if you plan to attend.


Notes and Announcements:

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Food Pantry at Jiunzan Tendai-ji – Please bring non-perishable food items to the Tendai Buddhist Institute on Wednesdays. We contribute these items to the Chatham Silent Food Pantry.