Every Wednesday

Weekly Meditation Services (WMS) are on Wednesday evenings. They begin at 6 PM with a discussion or talk (see below for this month's discussion topics). At about 7 PM there is a meditation service followed at 8 PM by a potluck dinner. All of Wednesday evening's events are open to the public. There is no fee and reservations are not required.

March  Wednesday Meditations and Discussions

1                 Stump the Sensei  Periodically we have a discussion where you can ask any question regarding Buddhism and Monshin will do his best to answer it.  Are there questions that did not receive an adequate answer during our discussions, or maybe there was a question that came from readings or daydreams. Now is the time to ask.

8          Buddha Nature and Original Enlightenment –

 Anything  you can identify, conceptualize, mention, consider, is not Nirvana." This discussion is taken from chapter four of Brook Ziporyn's book, Emptiness and Omnipresence: An Essential Introduction to Tiantai Buddhism. Indiana University Press (2016).

15                O-Higan –  The spring period of Buddhist observance, especially in Japan, is a time to evaluate one's practices, show respect for our ancestors, and participate in pilgrimages and retreats. We will discuss this observance in light of today's overly busy and perplexing world.
22                The Five Hindrances in Practice and Life –  these are; craving, aversion, sloth and torpor, restlessness, and doubt. There are many obstacles which block the road to spiritual growth and to living our lives more fully. The hindrances are often mentioned in the Buddhist canon. We will examine them in order to reduce their hold on us. 


29                Yakushi Nyorai –  Medicine Master of Lapis Lazuli Radiance: The deity, the meaning, and the promise will be discussed.This figure is the honzon (main image) in our hondo (main building of the temple, where the honzon is enshrined) and essential to the mission of Tendai Buddhist Institute.

Other Events in March:

4                 Sutra Class and Morning Service, 8:30 – 10:30 AM – The Maha Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra (Heart Sutra) is  the most often chanted, cited and best known sutras in the Mahayana canon. We will read and discuss two different translations and commentaries (Mu Soeng's and Red Pine's) as a set throughout the classes.
7             Wholehearted Recovery Group, 7:00 – 8:30 PM; in affiliation with the Buddhist Recovery Network. This is a sit and share meditation group, open to all who identify to be in recovery from something and anything. Incorporates Buddhist Five Lay Precepts and Self-Help 12-steps and traditions. All levels of meditative practice welcome. 

17-19     O-Higan – Adamantine Wisdom Retreat. (Friday 7PM – Sunday 1 PM). Karuna (compassion), Prajna (wisdom) and Upaya (skillful means) are key concepts in Mahayana Buddhism. We will be exploring Prajna and Upaya through the Kongokai Mandala and meditations associated with this important set of practices. Please contact Shumon or Monshin to reserve your space.


Notes and Upcoming Events:


Provide flowers for a month at Tendai Buddhist Institute / Jiunzan Tendai-ji. You can either bring them yourself or pay to have them purchased for you. There is a sign-up sheet on the notice board in the kitchen. Shumon (Tamami). Providing flowers for the hondo is a service to the temple and a smŗti practice.  


Coats and Blankets for Syrian Refugees. Jiunzan Tendai-ji is collecting these necessary items in collaboration with the Turkish Community Center of Albany. It is winter – hundreds of thousands of refugees get by with little more than the clothes on their back when they escaped their war torn homeland.  This is important.

Food Pantry at Jiunzan Tendai-ji The need is ongoing and does not diminish after the holidays. Please bring non-perishable food items to the Tendai Buddhist Institute on Wednesday's.  We contribute these items to the Chatham Silent Food Pantry. 


Many people have asked for updates with information on events in the Capital Region. Here is a link:


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