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Weekly Meditation Services (WMS) are on Wednesday evenings. They begin at 6 PM with a discussion or talk (see below for this month's discussion topics). At about 7 PM there is a meditation service followed at 8 PM by a potluck dinner. All of Wednesday evening's events are open to the public. There is no fee and reservations are not required.

January Wednesday Meditations and Discussions

1            Shogatsu (New Year's) Service starting at 11 PM December 31st and ending about 12:30 AM – The meditation is accompanied by the traditional ringing of a gong 108 times in order to rid oneself of obscurations and defilements. The service is such that everyone is sitting meditation in equanimity as the New Year begins. We then retire to the Kuri (main house) and celebrate with champagne, sake, finger foods and such. Join us for this solemn and festive observance and celebration.
7          A Buddhist Practice - what it is, how it's done. We will discuss the basics of Butsudo (the Buddhist Path) what it is and what it isn't. As we begin the New Year we will return to the fundamentals, this is essential for beginners and especially for those who have been traversing the Path awhile.

14          Lotus Sutra: Chapter 10 – A Teacher of the Law. This chapter is very important though it is not immediately obvious. Of special import is that there are five practices that are enumerated. It is these five practices upon which we will concentrate.

There are two complete versions of this sutra available as pdf on line. Find these at the following links: https://www.bdkamerica.org/digital/dBET_T0262_LotusSutra_2007.pdf    


21            Sodai Lecture – Kaishun (Chip) Frank – will present "No one special to Be, Escape the Prison of your own Self-Image" the cover story of the Fall 2014 Tricycle. Copies of the article will be available at the Tendai Buddhist Institute. 


28           Tendai-shu Established in Japan – in 804 CE Saicho (Dengyo Daishi) returned from China with teachings of T'ian-t'ai Buddhism and established the Japanese form  of this school, including the traditional T'ian-t'ai synthesis of Buddhist teaching and practice, but he also widened this tradition by introducing a number of doctrines and practices of the esoteric tradition of Buddhism. We will discuss and observe this founding.  

Other events in January:     


1               Shogatsu Service - See above description


10             Sutra Class and Morning Service, 8:30 – 10:30 AM  

The Maha Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra (Heart Sutra) is the most oft chanted, cited, and best known sutras in the Mahayana canon. We will read and discuss two different translations and commentaries as a set throughout the classes. Please acquire these texts before the class; Mu Soeng (trans. and commentary) (2010) The Heart of the Universe: Exploring the Heart Sutra. Wisdom Publications, and Red Pine (trans. and commentary) (2004) The Heart Sutra: The Womb of Buddhas. Counterpoint. 

23-25         January Virya Retreat - Virya is translated from Sanskrit as energy, forbearance, or diligence. It is the fourth of the Six Paramitas and the first of the 'Higher Perfections'. We will be examining this essential model of Bodhisattva behavior through practices and teachings. This is considered an intermediate level retreat. The retreat begins at 7:30 PM on Friday and continues until 1 PM on Sunday. Please inform Shumon or Monshin of your intended participation. All are welcome.


Notes and Announcements


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