Every Wednesday

Weekly Meditation Services (WMS) are on Wednesday evenings. They begin at 6 PM with a discussion or talk (see below for this month's discussion topics). At about 7 PM there is a meditation service followed at 8 PM by a potluck dinner. All of Wednesday evening's events are open to the public. There is no fee and reservations are not required.

 July Wednesday Meditations and Discussions
6                 Buddhism and Islam –  we will be dealing with the encounters and ensuing responses that can be traced between Buddhism and Islam during the centuries of contact across Asia and more recently in the West.  There are overtly negative images of the other perceived in both traditions, however some more positive images can be seen to have been crystallized. 
13               Inherent Good and Inherent Evil in Buddhism – this was a unique idea representing Tiantai's nature-inclusion philosophy in Chinese Buddhism. Youxi Chuandeng's (1554-1628) thesis lead to a regeneration of Tientai Buddhism. What set Chuandeng apart from his predecessors were his efforts to harmonize rather than criticize other Buddhist schools.
20                The Suraᚃgama Sutra- An esoteric text often classified as Buddhist apocrypha. The theme is how one effectively combats delusions that may arise during meditation.
27               Gongyo Saho – The Betsuin Daily ServiceThe Wednesday meditation service is the daily service that is conducted at Tendai Buddhist Institute every day. This service is a combination of Indian, Chinese and Japanese parts that have been part of Mahayana Buddhism from very early times. We will discuss the elements of the service and how the elements are combined into a whole that is both devotional and purposeful.  

Other Events in July:


9                  Sutra Class and Morning Service, 8:30 – 10:30 AM – The Maha Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra (Heart Sutra) is  the most often chanted, cited and best known sutras in the Mahayana canon. We will read and discuss two different translations and commentaries (Mu Soeng's and Red Pine's) as a set throughout the classes.
Notes and Upcoming Events
Road Trips in August:

8/7         Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma at Tanglewood – The historical Silk Road, a series of land and sea trade routes that crisscrossed Eurasia, enabled the exchange of goods and innovations from Japan to the Mediterranean Sea for some 2,000 years, until the 14th century. With its artistic director Yo-Yo Ma, the Silk Road Ensemble returns to Tanglewood for another fascinating and wide-ranging traversal of music both traditional and new, suggesting a modern-day equivalent to the sort of cultural exchange that characterized the old trade routes in centuries long gone. Sign up for this fascinating evening (on the announcement board in the main house). We will purchase tickets separately so people may sit where they wish. We will meet for a picnic dinner before the performance. 


8/20         The Diamond Way – An evening of Baseball at 'The Joe' in Troy, New York. The Tri-city Valley Cats will be playing the Hudson Valley Renegades.   There is no better way to spend a night at The Joe than with your sangha friends and family. In the past we have signed up for the 'Group Picnic' with hat, seat and picnic food. Sangha members have shared that they have enough hats and would prefer to have better seats and eat what they choose. So this year we will sign up for the best seats in the house for less than $10 a ticket with our group discount. Sign up for this evening of baseball (on the announcement board in the main house). We will purchase group tickets and we need a minimum of twenty people.


Food Pantry at Jiunzan Tendai-ji Summertime is especially difficult for those who are need of the very basic necessities. Gratitude is best shown by extending to others the thoughtfulness we have received. Please bring non-perishable food items to the Tendai Buddhist Institute on Wednesday's.  We contribute these items to the Chatham Silent Food Pantry