Every Wednesday

Weekly Meditation Services (WMS) are on Wednesday evenings. They begin at 6 PM with a discussion or talk (see below for this month's discussion topics). At about 7 PM there is a meditation service followed at 8 PM by a potluck dinner. All of Wednesday evening's events are open to the public. There is no fee and reservations are not required.

 April  Wednesday Meditations and Discussions
5                 Hana Matsuri, or Flower Festival: Shakyamuni Buddha's Birthday we will be celebrating with a special service that includes washing the baby Buddha with sweet tea. The discussion center on Shakyamuni Buddha's birth and its significance for today. If possible bring fresh flowers and fruit as an offering.

12              Bishamonten An important deity in esoteric Buddhism. He is the image to the left of Yakushi Nyorai on our shumedan (front altar). We will examine this fascinating Buddhist guardian deity in concept, origins, and practices. 

19               Sangha: A Discussion   a conversation with sangha moderated by members of the Sodai (Temple Advisers). Join this far-reaching discussion regarding the relevance and function of sangha in contemporary Buddhism in America.
26                Death in Buddhism –  Understanding death from a Buddhist perspective reveals important lessons about life. We will examine some major Buddhist themes that revolve around the end of life.

Other Events in April: 

1                 Sutra Class and Morning Service, 8:30 – 10:30 AM – The Maha Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra (Heart Sutra) is  the most often chanted, cited and best known sutras in the Mahayana canon. We will read and discuss two different translations and commentaries (Mu Soeng's and Red Pine's) as a set throughout the classes. 
1                 The Hoping Machine presents "Music for the March"  – Doors open at 6:30 PM and the show begins at 7PM at the Guthrie Center, Division Street, Great Barrington, MA. This is a fundraiser for transportation to convey people to the People's Climate March in Washington, D.C. held on March 29th.

If you would like to take the bus to the People's Climate March, contact Toni at foto(at)antonianahas.de for more information and/or to sign up.

3                 Vatican II: Nostra Aetate then and Now – 7 PM– A Roundtable Conversation with Dr. Judith Banki and Rev. James Kane, moderated by Rev. Christopher DeGiovine. This interfaith program is hosted by the Sidney & Beatrice Albert Interfaith Lectureship. Dr. Banke was a participant at Vatican II and Rev. Kane is Director and ecumenical Officer of the roman Catholic Diocese of Albany. The event is held at the College of St. Rose, Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary, 959 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY

For this 20th anniversary of the Hubbard Interfaith Sanctuary there has been an Interfaith Art Show; five of Tendai Buddhist Institute calligraphy is on exhibit during this event along with art from many other religious traditions.

4             Wholehearted Recovery Group, 7:00 – 8:30 PM; in affiliation with the Buddhist Recovery Network. This is a sit and share meditation group, open to all who identify to be in recovery from something and anything. Incorporates Buddhist Five Lay Precepts and Self-Help 12-steps and traditions. All levels of meditative practice welcome.  

23            3 – 4:30 PM. The People's Concert for Peace. Tendai Buddhist Institute: Shakuhachi Flute by Tomie Hahn, Albany Hindu Temple: Classical Dance by Ragahastha Performing Arts, Macedonia Baptist Church: The Praise Ensemble, a Gospel Choir.  Location: Madison Theater, Albany, NY. Tickets: a $5 donation is requested. All money after expenses will be shared with local charities. Join us for us for a multicultural, interfaith, program that bridges the gap between people of different backgrounds and perspectives in pursuit of a shared peace.
Together we can bring the spirit, beauty, and grace, of dance, shakuhachi flute, and a gospel choir, to explore peace in a compelling fashion. This program is in association with Albany Pro Musica's The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace at EMPAC, RPI, in Troy on May 6th.  

Notes and Upcoming Events:

  Provide flowers for a month at Tendai Buddhist Institute / Jiunzan Tendai-ji. You can either bring them yourself or pay to have them purchased for you. There is a sign-up sheet on the notice board in the kitchen. Shumon (Tamami). Providing flowers for the hondo is a service to the temple and a smÅ—ti practice.

Food Pantry at Jiunzan Tendai-ji The need is ongoing and does not diminish after the holidays. Please bring non-perishable food items to the Tendai Buddhist Institute on Wednesday's.  We contribute these items to the Chatham Silent Food Pantry.